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My Article About Vapor Cigaratte

What are Vapor cigarettes?
Vapor cigarettes are alternatively known as an electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) and should not to be confused with smokeless cigarette. It’s a battery-powered device in most cases there is a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. The battery powers the heating element which simulates tobacco smoking can also emit non-nicotine vaporized solutions. It generally uses a heating element known as an atomizer that vaporizes a liquid solution. Some solutions contain a mixture of nicotine and flavorings. Manufacturers say that Vapor cigarettes are an alternative for tobacco smokers who want to quit from smoking. The Vapor cigarette was invented in the 1960s, but it wasn’t popular until a decade ago. The e-cigarette is a Chinese invention. The first ones came from the Ruyan Company in 2004. The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association now estimates that roughly 4 million Americans use the battery-powered cigs.
How its shape and look like
The e-cigarette could be different in shapes and sizes. Some of them more or less like long cigarettes; others look like cigars or pipes. Few look like ballpoint pens. The majority is reusable with replaceable and refillable cartridges. A small percentage of products are throw-away one disposable e-cigarettes.
How they work?
All latest models are automatic - when the user sucks on it, a sensor activates a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution held in the mouthpiece. The user can choose whether or not to have nicotine in the flavored liquid solution. In older models (manual models), there is a little button which turns the heating element on and off. An LED indicates whether the device has been activated when the user inhales. They all work the same basic way.
Instead of smoke from burning tobacco, users inhale vapor containing nicotine (with the exception of versions which claim to be free of nicotine), flavor additives, and other chemicals. When users inhale from the end of an e-cigarette, a battery-operated vaporizer heats a liquid solution into a vapor.
A typical e-cigarette consists of a battery, a heating element and a cartridge containing nicotine, propylene glycol and water. The
Levels of nicotine in the cartridges can vary drastically and many also contain candy-like flavorings. They operate by electronically
Vaporizing the nicotine solution, creating a mist that is inhaled into the lungs. After the user inhales, the residual aerosol, or vapor,is exhaled into the surrounding air.

Uses of E-cigarette
E-cigarette use among children: Awareness of e-cigarettes are widespread among children aged 11 to 18. Two thirds of 11-18 year olds and 83% of 16-18 year olds had heard of cigarettes. Understanding of e-cigarettes are generally good. Children who have heard of e-cigarettes believe correctly that they are less harmful than cigarette tithe user (74%) and those around them (79%). Most (51%) 16-18 year olds who have heard of e-cigarettes believe that they contain nicotine.

E-cigarette use among adults: Awareness of e-cigarettes are widespread, but continued use is confined to current and ex-smokers. In 2013, 91% of smokers and 71% of nonsmokers had heard of e-cigarettes. E-cigarette use is constant across ages and socioeconomic groups. Use has increased among smokers and ex-smokers but not among those who have never smoked. Use has increased steadily among smokers and ex-smokers, but current use among those who have never smoked remains 0%.

Smokers and ex-smokers report different reasons for using e-cigarettes. The main reasons ex-smokers report having used e-cigarettes are to help a quit attempt (48%) and “to help me keep off tobacco” (32%). The main reason smokers report having used e-cigarettes is to “help me reduce the amount of tobacco I smoke, but not stop completely” (31%) followed by help in a quit attempt (30%); and “to help me keep off tobacco” (29%).

Benefits of Vapor cigarette

Electronic cigarettes a typical e-cigarette consists of a battery, an atomizer that heats the liquid and turns it into a vapor,
And a cartridge that contains flavoring and Proponents believe that cigarettes represent a clean drug delivery device that can satisfy  the smokers’ addiction to both nicotine and smoking behaviors and thus greatly reduce their health risks. Because there is no combustion and no tobacco, cigarettes are almost certainly much less harmful than cigarettes.
As well, many fear that the widespread promotion and use of e-cigarettes, both with and without nicotine, will undermine successful efforts to reduce tobacco use.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Odesk Cover Letter, Some Tips and Tricks

Odesk Cover Letter

Latest ODESK Cover Letter Samples With Tips & Tricks

Employers typically won't even consider a candidate who doesn't appear to be qualified at first glance. That first glance at your cover letter is your one opportunity to make a good impression and make it to the next round. In order to pass that first round of screening, you must specifically address the job ad and state why you are qualified for the position. Here are some samples of cover letter for your help. 

Sample-01# SEO

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am writing in response to your advertisement for a “Name of the post”. After carefully reviewing the experience requirements of the job description, I feel that I am suitable for the job. I am highly interested to work for you for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of your website. So that, it gets Google HIGHER PAGE RANK and better Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP); that will ultimately drive traffic to your website. I look forward to Hiring from you soon. I am available in Skype.
Best Regards,
Your Name

Sample-02# Data Entry

Dear Hiring Manager,
After carefully reviewing the experience requirements of the job description, I feel that I am a suitable match for the job. I’m a professional data entry specialist with 3 years experience. And I’m very interested in your job. I would like to offer my services to you for this project. I believe my skills would be ideal for your project.
My working experience covers a variety of Data Entry area such as: Data entry, Typing, Microsoft-Excel, Data Analysis etc. I am available in Skype.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for considering my cover letter.
Your Name

Sample-03# Data Entry

Dear Hiring Manager,
I would like to apply as a data entry specialist in your job post. I take direction well and can complete a heavy workload in time under minimal supervision. I’m honest & trustworthy, dependable & fast learner. I am able to give you more than 15+ hours for this job.
I am looking forward to discussing with you about this job post. Please feel free to contact me throughSkype.
Your Name.

Sample-04# Content Writing

Dear Hiring Manager,
Your job post has caught my attention because I'm a technical writing addict and I’m considering your job for me with these required capabilities. I have already written some technical articles and I can provide you samples. I believe my capabilities would be perfect for your project.
Moving forward, I can dedicate 15 hours/week for your company, and my daily hours are negotiable. I’m very excited to assist you in making your blog successful. Please feel free to contact me through Skype.
Your Name.

Sample-05# Web Research

Dear Hiring Manager,
I have excellent experience in web research, phone research, list building, message retrieving/submission, and mailings. I may be new to but I would be an ideal virtual assistant to accomplish your requirements. I am there with an uninterrupted Internet connection. Please try me; I will be a versatile candidate on a long term basis. I look forward to Hiring from you soon.
Your Name.

Sample-06# Search Engine Optimization

Dear Hiring Manager,
The best way to increase your website presence on first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo engine’s first page is to optimize it with specific keywords. I have proven results of such type of achievements for various websites. I will create following types of back links for the purpose:
1. Profile backlinks
2. Forum backinks
3. Social bookmarking
4. Blog comments on related blogs
5. Directory submission
If you have any query please let me know, I will be happy to serve you. Please feel free to contact me through Skype.
Your Name.


Sample-07# E-commerce

Dear Hiring Manager,
I have excellent English skills and proficiency in E-commerce site navigation. I hope I would be the right candidate for the current position with you. Awaiting an affirmative response from your end. Please feel free to contact me through Skype.
Your Name 

Sample-08# Article Writing

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am a freelance writer and I know the power of words, especially when it comes to writing SEO articles. I can produce 6 quality articles in a day and I can assure you that they will be original, unique and will pass copyscape.
Moving forward, I can dedicate 20 hours/week to your company, and my daily hours are negotiable. I’m very excited to assist you in making your blog successful. Please feel free to contact me through Skype.
Your Name.

Sample-09# Search Engine Optimization

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am familiar with both on-page and off-page SEO techniques. With off-page, I can generate links from blog comments, forum posting, Social Bookmarking, Directory submission etc; & with on-page, I know how to optimize the tags to make your site SEO-friendly.
I can dedicate 20 hours/week to your company, and my daily hours are negotiable. Please feel free to contact me through Skype. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Your Name. 

Sample-10# Web & SEO Analyzer  

Dear Hiring Manager,
I have checked everything on your post and i'm appetent to let you know that i've expertness and commercial experience in this category with excellent feedback .I've been professionally engaged as web & SEO analyzer, web developing, web content writer.
Looking forward to get started ASAP
Your Name. 

Sample-11# Graphic Designer

Dear Hiring Manager,
I'm a professional graphics designer. I have 3 Years experience in graphics design. I have excellent experience in logo and banner design. I can create high quality design in a short time. I have confident that I will do your work very well. I hope you would like my work and you will give me a good feedback which is very important for my future carrier in odesk. Here I attached some of my logo and banner design projects. Hope you would like these.
I'm available in Skype. I can dedicate 20 hours/week to your company, and my daily hours are negotiable.
Your Name 

Sample-12# Virtual Personal Assistant

Dear Hiring Manager,
Good day! You job post caught my attention and I truly feel that I am the perfect match for the job. I am an experienced virtual personal assistant and I can offer my great skills for your virtual assistance needs.
I can handle every Virtual Assistant task that can be thrown at my way like manage schedules, handle emails, organize necessities, do research, or follow up appointments at the very least. I can also handle other tasks like data entry, write articles, submit write-ups to online directories etc. Moving forward, I can dedicate 15-20 hours per week for your job and my daily hours are negotiable. Please feel free to contact me through Skype if you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Your Name.

  1. Never Provide Email ID / Skype ID or any other Contact Info in Your Cover Letter (This is Against oDesk Policy)
  2. Make sure that each cover letter you send on oDesk is personalized and specific, to each job, that you are applying for.
  3. Never copy and paste your cover letters contents.
  4. Keep your cover letter short in length; only core message should have to deliver.
  5. Every single line in your oDesk cover letter should be written in a way, which will provide the employer an incentive to hire you.
  6. Show a high level of enthusiasm that you are accessible, prepared, and ready to start working with them.
  7. Avoid boring them to death with an essay; this will turn them off, from hiring you.

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Payoneer master card easy to use online and anywhere

Why you need a payoneer master card?
If you want to start an internet business you need a master card because you can do all the stuff paid by its. You can easily use it online shopping who is supporting master card. Anyone of the world can load to your card so that you can get paid also if you associated any online work. You can transfer money from paypal, visa, odesk etc. You can withdraw money from many country supported ATM Booth near you.
What is the benefit if you use my affiliate link?
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No bank account required, and the card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash worldwide where MasterCard® is accepted. Their My Account tool allows you to fully manage your account online, and multilingual customer support team is available via telephone, e-mail and live chat.
Sign up now and receive a payment, and we both earn $25! Check it out: This is my affiliate link:
Who is Payoneer?
Payoneer markets, manages and services prepaid MasterCard® cards. Payoneer works together with Choice Bank Limited to issue and process our cards. A leader in offering prepaid solutions for online applications, Payoneer’s headquarters are located in New York. We appreciate customer feedback; please contact Customer Support to let us know your comments or suggestions.
Who can get a prepaid MasterCard® card?
Anyone over the age of 18, with or without a bank account can receive the prepaid MasterCard card provided by Payoneer.
How do You activate my card?
Once you receive your card in the mail, you can activate it as follows:
1. Online at
  • Click on ‘My Account’
  • Enter the User ID and Password you chose when your card was ordered, to log in
  • Click on ‘Activate your card’
  • Select your 4 digit PIN number and submit
  • You will receive an email confirmation for activation
2. By phone; Call us at 1-800-251-2521 within the US or 1-847-451-1386 outside the US. Choose option 3 from the menu and follow the prompts.
Note: Do not use your card unless funds are loaded. Some ATM’s* will “eat” your card, if you use it without any funds available.
How do you find an ATM*?
Click on this link to view available ATM’s* on MasterCard International’s site:
The ATM* gives me choices of multiple accounts to choose from to withdraw money, which one should I choose? Options ATM’s* may display are: Credit Card / Debit Card / Savings / Current / Checking
The choice should be “Current” or “Checking”
The prepaid MasterCard card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard card. The card is accepted at locations worldwide, wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at point of sale locations to make purchases, whether online or at retail locations. You can also use the prepaid MasterCard card at ATMs* worldwide to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.
The prepaid MasterCard card may be used for online transactions wherever Debit MasterCard is an accepted form of payment.
If the card value is depleted to zero, no fees will apply.
You can load the prepaid MasterCard card with other credit cards (Visa® or MasterCard).
From the home page of  you can go to the tools option and there you can load money, Change pin, Change password & edit profile.
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What do You do if your card is lost or stolen?
Contact them immediately to report a lost or stolen card.
They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the following number: 1-646-224-6993



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Online earning

Work from Home. Earn $2000/month. No Investment. Part Time, 1-2h/day.

Wanted Online Internet job workers. Job is only through Internet. Work from home part time jobs. You can earn $1500-2500/month working 1-2 hours/day, no matter where you live. These are genuine Data entry jobs & Internet jobs. No Investment required. Only serious enquires please. For more details visit 

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Important idea to increase your blog traffic

Traffic generation is a skill which cannot be learned overnight. Of course, you can get ton of traffic from paid sources such as pay per clicks (ppc), banner advertisement and media buying. However, these sources will cost you lots of money. You can definitely go for paid traffic when you start generating profits from your blog but in the initial stage, you need to learn how to get free traffic through article submission and content marketing. These methods are pretty powerful when done right.
In my last post, I mentioned 5 basic steps that will help to increase blog traffic. I hope everyone is taking action. The steps might seem basic but they always work. Today, I will continue and post the remaining five steps. Combine them all and you will have 10 powerful yet simple traffic generation methods that will give an extra edge to your blog.

This is called article marketing. Now it depends on what strategies you implement to get your blog noticed. I believe that article marketing is powerful and it does wonders if done correctly. To be honest, it might not bring massive traffic initially but trust me, it will help you with seo and link building. There is also another advantage of article marketing; when your articles get published, a lot of authors and bloggers might use them on their own site (curation) and provide a link back to yours. This gives you quality link juice without a cost and helps your blog rank better in the search engines.
However, remember that only good content that deliver value gets curated and shared very often.
Here is a list of my top 12 favorite article directories where you can submit your articles to. They are well established and can help you get some quality backlinks to your blog as well as drive some traffic.
Search engines are getting strict about the quality of content.  To keep up with the search engine algorithm, most content publishing platforms have revised their rules. Most accept only tip top quality content so be prepared to write for good.

Adding your blog to directories is very important but not always necessary. This might not bring a flood of new readers but at least it has its own benefits. If you do it good and work hard on it, you will get good readers very soon. I am providing the best directories in my opinion that I have come a cross.
You can definitely find lots more if you Google but these are the best ones in terms of ranking and reputation and the best ones to start with. Loren Baker from search engine journal has posted another great list of 24 directories so check it out.

Commenting is a great contribution. People comment when they have something to say or contribute to a particular post. One of the most powerful ways to convince a visitor to become a loyal reader is to show that there are other several loyal readers already following you. When people comment on your blog, others might get interested and join the conversation. A passionate blogger would always interact with the audience and keep up with the blog. If your post has comments that require a response then I would suggest that you provide a valid response right away.
Another way of encouraging commenting is rewarding your readers. There are various ways to do this. For example, you can have a top commenters plug-in like Neil uses on his blog. This encourages readers to comment on the blog so they can have their links stick.
Next, make sure you have the right social plugins installed. If you do not have share buttons on your blog, you are making it impossible for others to share your stuff. Social traffic is very popular and powerful. It not only has the potential to get your post viral but also helps with seo. Danny Sullivan says that it’s clear that Twitter data especially plays a role in web search, these days. Check out the post: What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?
I am sure you can see how social traffic can be beneficial in the long run. What social plugins I would recommend? For now, you can use digg digg or sharebarfor your wordpress blog. Both of them are pretty similar so use whichever you want.

I have mentioned about the importance of pillar articles in the previous post. It is good to write one pillar article every once in a while. Now I am not asking everyone to Google for it, copy it, and then paste it on your blog. The best way to learn about a topic and become an expert at it is by researching in depth. You write about what you know based on your experience. Do your research, gather all the relevant data and then create the post. Pillar articles get easily shared in the social networks so imagine if you create one solid pillar article, it might just get viral and get traffic all life-long.
Yaro Starak from entrepreneurs-journey claims that Pillar Articles is the Secret of his blog’s success

This is probably the most important tip. Now that you have learned the basic tips to gain exposure for your blog and generate traffic, it’s time that you implement them. If you don’t take action now, this will not work. Follow the steps from 1 to 10 and you will learn a lot of amazing stuff along the way that will make you a better blogger.
Make sure you don’t overdo stuff. For example, you may find ton of article directories and blog directories for submission; it is good to avoid the temptation because too much of article marketing or blog directory submission in a short period can raise alarm and in some cases may penalize your blog.
Submitting your blog and content to the wrong directories can affect your blog ranking and Google PR. I recommend that you stick to the list provided on this post because quality always wins over quantity. If you need any assistance, please feel free to comment and ask questions. What other link building and traffic generation tips would you recommend?
This idea is shared by me Rajib Hassan (blogger & Freelancer) 
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